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Show Toolbar in version 3.x polyscope

Working on a UR+ project for both V5.x and V3.x polysocpe. The toolbar for the V5.x works great and as expected. Unable to determine how to get the Icon to show up on V3.x. The constructor for the Toolbar Service fires and creates the class object. The getIcon() method does not get called. I have looked into all the documentation I can find and can not find out what to do now to get the icon to show up. If the Icon show up, then my guess is that when it is clicked on, polyscope would fire the toolbar contribution openView() method.

Thank you for your time!

As documented in the “Swing URCap Toolbar Contributions” document in the SDK, Toolbars are only support from PolyScope 5.0.0.
Hence Toolbars are not support in PolyScope 3.x.

I would suggest using an approach like in this example where the “LiveControl” JPanel is shown in a Toolbar in e-Series, and in the ProgramNode body in CB3.

Hi Jbm,
I installed with Robotiq Gripper urcap source file. And It’s toolbar worked well on PolyScope 3.
How is it able?
BRs, Tan

Check out this notice:

Hi Jbm,
Thank you!
I will find out more to run all functions needed (like error message, parameter status … of our gripper) without toolbar.
BRs, Tan