Need to limit the robot into a boxed area without having it safety stop

Hello, I have an application where I am attempting to limit the robot into a box so that it cannot break certain planes and is confined into a three sided box. I cannot have it E-stop or protective stop. I need it to be able to be jogged out of the position where it would have broken the plane without any prompts on the pendant. SO basically it can jog around inside the box without ever needing to be resumed or restarted. Thank you.

Can’t be done. What you’re describing is the ability to enable/disable Safety Planes based on whether a program is running or not, which the UR cannot do. If you use safety planes, you would be unable to program any points that lie outside the box, so therefore you could guarantee at a Safety Rating Level that the robot cannot operate outside. However you would NOT be able to manually Jog the robot outside, because the planes are always on.

The best you could do would be to write a URCCAP that monitors TCP position and won’t run the program if the TCP is outside a defined space. Because the CAP would only be checking at runtime, there would be nothing to stop it from manually being jogged around outside. However, you get NO safety rating when doing it this way.