Three-Position Enabling Device not showing up

i am using an old UR10 with CB3 Controller. In addition to the Robot teach panel i am using a cover with a Three-Positions Enabling Device.
My problem is that this Three-Position Enabling Device is not showing up in my robot safety so that i cant configure it. Could this be due to a hardware failure of the Three-Position Enabling Device that it is just showing up at the robot when one Three-Position Enabling Device is recognized? Or could my robot configuration be wrong, so that the Three-Position Enabling Device is not showing up?
I already tried updating the robot to the new software version 3.15.

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Have you tried looking at this?
3PE CB3 Article
I have not used a 3PE but i found this article from UR and may be what you need to look over for setting it up.

thanks for your help.
It seems that the problem is that our safety processor is older than the needed version.