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This URCap requires package with strange name


I’m trying to install a URCap requiring several 3rd Party packages. 3rd Party packages were added in POM using

		<!-- embed all runtime scope dependencies -->

mvn install finishes successfully. When starting URSim on a Ubuntu Box using Java 8 the following error message is displayed.

This URCap needs 3rd party dependency which is not available. URCap requires package 'm.SICK.EOAS [195](R 195.6' which is not available.

m.SICK.EOAS is the ending of our root package name and the symbolic name of our URCap. Completely it is called com.SICK.EOAS. [195](R 195.6 is totally unknown to me and cannot be found anywhere in our code base. Looks almost like the ending of a ClassNotFoundException error message thrown and caught somewhere in the BundleWiringImpl$BundleClassLoader. But actually I didn’t find it when debugging the launch of URSim.

Can anybody help me to localize this error? I have no clue how to obey more information on how and where this error occurs.

Best regards