Teach Pendant extension/pass through

I have a custom machine we purchased with an OEM UR controller inside a cabinet. There is no connection on the outside to plug in a teach pendant if we wanted to. I am trying to find out if anyone has come across a pass-through panel connector and an extension cable to move the teach pendant connection to the outside of a machine cabinet. From another post, I found out they use this connector on the cable: Hirose IX40G-B-10S-CV. I plan to have someone research it. Any help would be appreciated.

Can’t offer options to extend the cable. but perhaps look at the simpler option of just running that cable through a split grommet cable gland system.

Thanks, but I did think of that. However, I have 16 UR’s and only 3 teach pendants that I need to share. We will use the VNC option most of the time but it would be nice to have the teach pendant connection without opening the cabinet. The OEM panel is behind a bolt on cover.

OOO that is a tricky application.

I wasn’t aware (though i never looked) the UR could run without the pendant connected since it has the ESTOP button on it.

maybe possible to add an access panel to the side of your boxes near the bottom of the OEM controller? Open access panel, plug in teach pendant?