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Teach Pendant cable splicing

We need help. A part fell on the teach Pendant cable and cut into it. The pendant stopped working so we cut and spliced the cable back together with Wire splicers. We get the control box to turn on and off with the power button, but no display. We have cut and spliced it 4 times with the same result. So we are confident it’s not the splices. What else can we look at to try resolve this. We will be ordering a new cable ASAP. But need to keep working with the robot . Any ideas?

We are thinking the pendant may have shorted. How necessary is the pendant for operation? Is it possible to run a external monitor and mouse?

Maybe check this out Remote Desktop Connection to the controller UI

Caution: Not sure the level of effort this takes and also not sure if you need access to the pendant to set it up.

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

Yes, if the power button and the e-stop are working you can connect a monitor and mouse to keep running. The CB uses a DVI connection and the e-series uses a mini-display port if memory serves me correctly.

I connected the controller with a mini DisplayPort to HDMI converter, then from HDMI to the monitor. I’m not receiving any signal. is the pendant necessary for this to work? I’ve tried it on multiple monitors with no luck.


#1 - The mini-display port to HDMI adapter MUST be an ‘active’ adapter. #2 - BEFORE you power up the robot the adapter needs to be connected to the external monitor AND the external monitor needs to be ON.

Most adapters are not active. This one works for sure :

as does this one :

Product: Delock Produkte 62735 Delock Adapter mini DisplayPort 1.2 Stecker > HDMI Buchse 4K 60 Hz Aktiv
Data sheet: http://www.delock.de/produkt/62735/pdf.html?sprache=en

The other thing worth mentioning is that UR Service centers are now doing pendant cable repair as a separate service ID which means that the cost for repair is more economical. Talk to your distributor about this.

Could install the vnc server on the robot and use that as an interface for a bit. Have done that with broken pendants before.

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