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Teach_mode() and end_teach_mode does not work

Ur version3.3.2.266
In my project,I need to calibrate pose to extend function of ur.
I wrote scripe code “teach_mode” and “end_teach_mode” during play the program.

I expect after 1st popup,ur enable teach mode so that user could move robot to particular pose.Then user would click on confirmation popup button,then teach mode would be disabled.

Please advice,thank

it work for me,


the robot will continue in teach mode and there will be a popup on pendant. robot will end teach mode after click ok on popup.

what your ur version?

UR version

It work after update ur version to

Consider that the first popup may be “blocking”, hence the “teach_mode()” might not be called, before pushing the first popup.

Issue resolved after update from version to
close case.