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How to know if robot is under teach_mode?

Dear you all, dear UR team,
during a script, if you activate the teach_mode mode on the robot, then you cannot call a movement command (such has movej). I search and found no way for a remote computer supervising / controlling the robot (with dashboard) to know if the robot is currently under teach_mode or not. Can you help me ?
Best Regards

remark : your annoncement V5.6
says “New Dashboard server commands, including support for reading local/remote control mode, or operational mode.”
But looking at Dashboard documentation I did not found what I was looking for.

In the bottom of the table in the linked article, I find the following newly added Dashboard Server commands;

yes these are the new dashboard commands, but nothing to know if the teach_mode (freedrive) is active or not.

Does anyone have an answer ?

You can get the info from the primary socket:

Ho yes there is control mode “CONTROL_MODE_TEACH”. I guess this is the correct one to use. But we have to use the RTDE … Allright we will try then. Thanks for the solution.

with RTDE you could check controller output:

Bits 0-3: Is power on | Is program running | Is teach button pressed | Is power button pressed