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TCP and payload verification via client interface

I would like to read the TCP, CoG and payload via a client interface.
I can’t find the tags anywhere, is this really the case that i can’t read thees setting some how?

The bagground is that we often change thees values and it seems that the robot sometimes dont’ get the right value, hence it would be vary beneficial to be able to to perform a verification that the setting is correct after it have been changed.

Hi Bjerge

You can read TCP via primary interface. While the CoG and payload, it seems we don’t have this setup in current interfaces.


Thank you.
It would be really nice if this could be added in a future version, also including a vector describing how the robot is mounted.



Have a followup Q on this.
If i would like to verify the TCP offset/configuration remotely how would I do this.
In the UR-script I can ask to get UR-flange position and then compare this with the TCP to check if I have the right configuration. But I can’t find a simple way og getting this flange position via any of the client interfaces. I could make a script that reads the value into some of the RTDE registers and then read it from there, but I was just hoping for a simpler solution.

The Primary and Secondary clients broadcast the active TCP Offset in the package Cartesian Info (value 4).

@jbm is the Tool Vector that is being broadcast in that Cartesian Info (value 4) packet the vector at the TCP or at the tool flange? We are looking for data that is being broadcast at the tool flange regardless of the current TCP setting.