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Tapping with UR16e robot

We are testing the possibility to use UR16e for tapping application. We are having an issue with singularity when I use the robot in force mode. We tried using the screwdriving function available in polyscope to perform the tapping process as we attached the end effector as in the graphics of polyscope for screwdriving. We have matched the feed rate of robot with spindle speed of tapping motor.

We have also tested without force mode and result varies whether protective stop is triggered during the process or not during the tapping. The tapping is performed in structural steel with 5mm depth holes and tapping tool is directly attached to UR16e robot without any support arms, etc…

Thankful to hear any approach suggested for this and programming tips.


Hello @milan.gautam,

Could you share a picture or description of the pose that the robot is in when the singularity occurs? Could it be that wrist joints 1 and 3 are close to parallel in some tapping positions? Adjusting tool orientation or workpiece position could help.


Thank you for the reply and the robot pose is shown in the picture.

Hi @milan.gautam ,

What version your polyscope is using? I suggest to upgrade the version to higher than 5.10.0. Because in 5.10.0, it reduces the singularity zone by up to 30 % based on its release note.

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As @sya states, a software update would help, also because when you have the robot in restricted freedrive mode the teach pendant will show you when it’s close to singularity.

In this particular instance I would suggest moving the workpiece horizontally further away from the robot base, that should make it less prone to singularity.

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