Switch back to Remote Control from another operational mode without Teach Pendant

Hi everybody

The system I’m working with, doesn’t have a Teach Pendant installed.
Polyscope version 5.11

I’m dealing with the following issue:
My problem starts when switching to Manual mode (using I/O) after being in Remote Control mode, because it is not possible to return back to Remote Control. The I/O only offers switching between Manual and Automatic mode. I need to switch to Manual mode, because of safety and freedrive capabilities.

Is there an option to return back to Remote Control using I/O, Profinet, TCP/IP a bash file or python?

My opinion:
If it is possible to switch to Manual mode from the Remote Control mode using the I/O, then it should be possible to use the same approach to get back to Remote Control mode.

Please let me know, if there is a workaround for my issue. Thanks.

I’m afraid there is no way to do what you desire. The reason is that this functionality is driven by an ISO safety standard for industrial robots and how remote/local mode should work. IF the remote client could send a command to switch the robot from local to remote (and then also presumably start the robot moving) this would create a safety hazard to a local user who might be holding the teach pendant (as an example) and being close to the robot as it unexpectedly starts moving. The best option for you is to always keep the robot in remote mode.

Thank you very much for the information, but I seriously don’t see the hazard.


  1. there isn’t a Teach Pendant connected
  2. if the user would connect a Teach Pendant while a program is active, the robot would go into Fault and stay that way, because the Safety configuration doesn’t correspond with the hardware configuration. For the robot to work without Teach Pendant, the safety installation has to configured previously (Hardware > Teach Pendant → None).

I think this is a feature that should be included in future releases, at least when working with a Teach Pendant Free setup.