Universal Robots Forum

Styling problems: Obscured controls and content overflow

There are currently two problems with the CSS styling:

  1. The header with “Universal Robots+” and your user settings obscures the bar with categories and the button for creating a new topic.
  2. The activity column is drawn outside of the white background on wide screens.

The second point isn’t much of a problem, but the first one is. I saw both problems with Firefox 53.0 and Chromium 58.0.3029.96. I highlighted the problem areas in the screenshots below.

To be specific, the element with class “d-header” obscures the one with class “list-controls”.

After disabling position: absolute from .d-header the controls are visible again (see seconds screenshot).

Obscured controls

Visible controls


Thank you for the comprehensive bug report on the Forum.
Always awesome, when the report also includes the solution.

Our forum provider has changed the styles template, which we needed to adapt as well.
The issue is now resolved, you might need to clear your browsing data, for your browser to reload the new styles.


Indeed, it looks good now. Thanks :slight_smile: