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Head navi is not clickable


head-navigation at: https://forum.universal-robots.com/ is not clickable
Does someone else have same problems?

[ Win10 | GoogleChrome Version 87.0.4280.141]

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Hello m.nagel

The forum is designed to have two navigation menus. One is at the top of your page and contains the items Forum and Additional Resources. The other is a bit lower down and allows you to navigate the forum. For example, Categories, Top, Unread, etc.

I am running the same version of Chrome as you without any issues. Which navigation are you referring to?

Hello Andre,

the navigation at the top

screen-width > 900px:

  • UR | Forum | API Ref | Download … are not clickable
  • search & burger icon are clickable
  • the user profile menu is not clickable

sub navigation is working (categories, top, latest, …)

screen-width <= 900px (2nd burger icon):
links are working as expected


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I have the same navigation issue. It seems to be related to me using the “UR Theme 2.0” available in the user preferences.

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Could you post a screenshot of the issue? We are asking our web developers to look into this. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

it seems to me the container for search & burger icon is an overlay

We have word from our developers that the issue is fixed. Please reply if you still see the issue.


Removing theme selection has indeed resolved the issue.
However, the previously available Theme 2.0 did offer useful links readily available (ex. API Reference), current default theme is a little less convenient.

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it has changed and the navigation is working. Could you please fix Theme 2.0 or implement a direct link to the API-Ref?
Many thanks in advance.