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Two colums of textfields

I am trying to make something looking like this, but i can only get it to show one colum, with very wide text fields.

I have tried to put the different elements into div’s but then I completely break it and it wont load into Polyscope. Any suggestions on how to control the width of the fields, and how to get them to stand next to each other like this?

Hmm, I got this working by using labels and style width on everything… It works, but I am not sure if it the right way to do it.

When creating URCaps I like to use online HTML viewers like
–> https://www.w3schools.com/html/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_basic

Keep in mind that the UR has limited HTML capabilities but this definitely can help creating the correct format. Also know how to use the HTML styles like inline and inline-block.

The problem is, most of the times the editor says it is all fine, but when trying it in Polyscope, it just says there is something wrong…

Are there some kind of debug function I can activate to get it to tell me what the problem is when it is complaining?

Make sure, that you are only using HTML or CSS statements, that are covered by the API.
These are listed in annex B in the URCap Tutorial.