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HTML: Tabs, Borders, Line


My installation screen is pretty full. So to structure the design I would like to use tabs. It would also be nice to add a table with borders or horizontal lines. All of these things are used in other installation pages (e.g. “Safety”).

Is anything of this possible to use in an URCap?


Julian Schill

Regarding to the documentation the <hr> tag is supported, but when I try to use it to display a horizontal line it is ignored. Is there a way to make it visible?

Consider using buttons to toggle different functionality.
E.g. having a number of buttons in the top/bottom of your screen, and when the user clicks a button, you can hide/show different sectiosn of your GUI by e.g. placing different sections into div elements.

This seems the way to go. But regarding the <div> elements: Is there a way to show/hide the complete section I missed? Because the Div Class doesn’t have a setVisible function.

My bad: I made a mistake when defining the Div. It works when using the correct class DivComponent, which has setVisible function.


Same here, the horizonal line tag <hr> is not working. The GUI is fully displayed,
but the tag is just ignored and no line visible.

I figured out a way to show line breaks. You need to add a style to it and then it works for some reason. Follow this —> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15582729/hr-tag-for-horizontal-line-is-not-working

Will look like this:


Interesting, horizontal lines work perfectly now. Thank you very much!

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hi schill , would you show me how to use DivComponent ? i also meet this confusion… thanks in advance。

@Div (id = "easyRun")
private DivComponent easyRun;

i type the codes as above。 it has a mistake that the “@Div” can not be recognized.

i have solved this problem… thanks!