Strange path inconsistencies

I am having an issue with using the ur_rtde Path object to program a tool path. Does anyone have any experience using this object to set the path as opposed to the moveL and moveP functions? Essentially the problem I’m having is that the orientation of the tool is correct for all way points except 1. I set the TCP position to (-0.007800,-0.307000,-0.136400,0.000000,3.360293,0.000000), which should point the tool down and ~14 degrees off vertical. However, it is actually pointing down and about 28 degrees off of vertical. It is odd that the orientation is double the tilt that it should be, and more puzzling is that this is the only orientation that behaves like this. To make the issue even more confusing, I have another path with the same orientations just at different positions and those behave as expected. The pose (-0.002700,-0.307000,-0.113500,0.000000,3.360293,0.000000) points the tool down and about 14 degrees off vertical. Is this an issue with the ur_rtde, is it an issue with the TCP pose I am programming, is it a problem with using the Path class instead of repeated calls to moveL and moveP. I’m bewildered by the inconsistency and am curious if anyone else has encounter a similar problem, and if so what was the solution?