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Ur_rtde: Problem with movel(path)

I have started using the Python wrapper of ur_rtde to control my UR10e remotely from my desktop machine. This works fine so far for my simple tests, but when I try to test the following example I do not get any motion and the program seems to get stuck during the moveL command, but there are no error messages shown:

The problem seems to be related to using the path parameter, since when I use the moveL method with single poses and separate velocity and acceleration parameters the robot moves as expected. But the problem is of course that I cannot use blending with this method.

I am running UrSoftware

It’s very interesting project, however it’s not officially supported by UR.
I hope there are people on the forum maintaining that project, but otherwise you would be better reaching project maintainers directly.

Ah sorry, I didn’t realize that this was not officially supported. I assumed since it connects to the URCap External Control it was at least semi-supported.

I just saw in the maintainers gitlab issues that there seems to be a bug in the implementation of movep - so that answers my question.

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