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Stopping Time and Stopping Distance (Other joint)

UR5e User Manual(5.11) provide ‘Stopping Time and Stopping Distance’ of Joint0(base), Joint1(shoulder) and Joint2(elbow).

How can I find ‘Stopping Time and Stopping Distance’ of Joint3, Joint4 and Joint5?

Hi kseo,

The user-manual is trying to give an impression of what speed to expect, in a handful of scenarios.
The actual speed that you’ll achieve is depend on what you do with the robot.
You can specify the “Stopping Time” or the “Stopping Distance” to the value you desire, see “Robot Limits” section.

Hi jor

I cannot find the technical spec about ‘Stopping Time and Stopping Distance’ at 21.7 : Robot Limits.

I find the worst case scenarios.

worst case

In User Manual-CB series, Worst Case is explained at 5.1 Limiting Safety-related Functions.

But In User Manual-e series, I cannot find the worst case scenarios.

Thank you

Hi kseo

In the e-Series you can specify the worst case stopping time and the worst case stopping distance.
You can set it in installation->safety->robot limits.

Consider this example. Here you’ll achieve 400ms stopping time and 500mm stopping distance.

Hi jor

Now, I know.

Thank you