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Start position after E-Stop

We are developing a fully remote automated application controlled form a PLC using ONLY Ethernet/IP. The teach pendant will not be accessible during operation.

Issue: During an E-Stop condition the program can stop at any program position and needs to be run from the beginning.

There may not be a clear path from where it stopped to the first starting position in the robot program. Is there a way to program different start positions based on current position? Another way to accomplish avoiding interference after an E-Stop?


You could create a “Before Start” sequence where you use the Script function “get_actual_tcp_pose()” and then create a series of “if/else” statements based on where your TCP currently is.

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Thank you good suggestion.

I may have found a simpler solution in our application we should be able to safely do a relative moveP in +Z by ~50 mm from any position. From there we can safely move to the start position. So only a single move command in this case. However, for more complicated programs/positions your suggestion would be a good alternative.