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Solution to Error Code C263A9

We’ve encountered the C263A9 error code on our UR10e and was wondering if there were any last resort solutions.

According to the service manual, a possible solution is to replace the entire joint that is causing the error to occur (in this case it would be Wrist 2), but I was wondering if there were any other possible solutions by chance.

I’ve tried the other solutions such as installing the latest Polyscope release and completing a full system restart, but end up with bad results.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Have you tried a cold reboot? (power down gracefully, once green light on TP is off remove the AC power cable and then hold down power button for 5 secs). Then restore power and boot again.

If this doesn’t fix it then create a case on myUR portal and send support files to UR service (your distributor should be able to help with this). UR service will look in the support files and see if there is anything else going on but usually an error like this means a replacement.

Yes, we have tried a reboot like you described.

I have reached out to our local distributor for a replacement, but haven’t heard back as of lately.

The best and fastest way to obtain service assistance is by using muUR Service portal.