Simulating With tools

Is it posible to use/install grigpper or other tools in the Viritual simulator for Pc

You can not add a model of your tool to the tool flange of the robot graphic.

You can install URCaps on the virtual machine so you can write the program commands for your tools if needed.

Thanks, now i just have to find out how to install URCaps.

I tried to do this with Robotiq Hand-e grippers using their URCap and it doesn’t work. Cap shows as installed successfully but programs alarm out.

Not sure what to do now so I don’t really use the sim any more. Sad, actually. :frowning_face:

You have to copy the file to your PC (to the program folder that’s (hopefully) shared with the simulator).

Click on the menu top right of the screen and select Settings.


Go to System then URCaps then click the + button on bottom to add new. Browse to where you copied the file and install it.

Your tip are useful. I am Norwegian, be patient about my Writing !
We hawe now got some of those tools installed, i wil let you know when we got all up and go.