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Sharing a component between several URCaps

I would like to know if there is a mechanism to allow serveral URCap to use a component included in another URCap. Here is the use case I have in mind. I want my URCap to be notified when the robot state changes. For example, I would like my URCap to be notified when the estop is pressed or when a program is started.

The robot monitor part is easy to implement but I don’t want to have an instance running for each of my URCap because this model does not scales well with an increasing number of URCap.

Component sharing is exactly what Apache Felix(the underlying framework behind URCaps) does so I was wondering how could a URCap signals its presence to other URCap.


There is no specific feature in the SDK that allows different URCaps to “talk” to each other.
However this is already possible using the OSGi framework used to deploy the URCaps.
Hence, this would require some knowledge of OSGi.

Thanks, I will have a look at this.