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Set TCP by refering name from Polyscope-measured TCPs list


Set the active TCP by referencing names directly from the Polyscope TCP list.

What is it?

In URScript it’s only possible to change TCP data by set_tcp and a pose. It should be possible to reference measured TCPs from Polyscope with their associated name (TCP, TCP_1, TOOL_0…).

Why is it needed?

We are developing some applications where we change very often tools and measure the TCP with Polyscope 4-point method for position, then measure a Plane feature for workpiece origin calibration and then use that Plane feature to adjust TCP orientation. Our post-processor references that Plane feature with pose_trans(Plane, p[x,y,z,a,b,c]) which allows to adjust our process to variations in the workpieces. Problem is our tool is also often changed and re-measured and we would like to simply reference the TCP variable name measured from Polyscope instead of having to manually copy-paste the pose values to use with set_tcp.

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We would also need this function on the script level.