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Serial communication / Tool RS485 failed after reconnect

Serial communication failed: I have problems with serial communication (RS485).

I have expanded the com.ur.urcap.examples.mydaemonswing example to include serial communication (Python).
Simulation URSim: I connected my external device to my laptop with a USB serial adapter. I start ursim with sudo ./start-ursim.sh.
With the start / stop buttons in the URCap I can successfully start / stop the connection (daemon + serial communication). Read / write data works. I can try this several times successfully.

Real life on the robot: I can successfully start daemon and also get serial communication. Read / write data works. However, if I stop the process and then start it again, I have problems with serial communication. My Python script is no longer accessible and I get exceptions (xmlRpcDaemonInterface.isReachable () => catch XmlRpcException. The daemon process indicates that it was successfully executed.

Robot version: UR10e with UR software

Has anyone had similar problems?

I have done RS485 communication through a daemon like you. It sound like the daemon is hanging on the stop process and does not close at all. I would suggest making a test button to stop and start the daemon to test it.

Although i have not experienced the same error as you i have had some small trouble starting the daemon automatically.