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Screwdriving Application

I have been asked if we could implement a screwdriving cobot in the process of attaching hinges. The issue that I see is 50+ different sizes and configurations. Normally I would say that we could group them together, select the specific program and move forward. The specific demand would not allow for grouping of more than a few so it seems that ROI would be lengthy because of this. Does anyone out there have a similar situation and suggestions?

Hi slink,
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When you say “50+ different sizes and configurations” please explain further.

I’d suggest creating a database and pulling the relevant information for each Size and configuration.

you could offset screw position based on the differing data.


The sizes of our boats range from 18 to 45 foot and the lids for these hinges can be up to 5ft long with many lids down to less than 2ft and only two hinges. Setting up all configurations in the database would definitely not be an issue as long as we can realize a benefit from the rather large investment.
I could see a cell consisting of drilling + screwdriving but still have a concern about the continual need for the operator to switch between programs due to the many different sizes needed throughout the day. I saw one video where one program controlled multiple robots, but not sure that was a UR video.

If your going with multiple robots, I’d suggest a PLC as a master with HMI for centralized program selection.

as an engineer its always difficult to balance the best solution against investment.
I’d start with all the bells and whistles approach and then whittle it down to something that is acceptable cost wise.

It sounds like a great project
I hope it works out well for you.