Setting up a screwingapplication

Hey guys! I am new to this Robot Stuff, but i have to make a UR screwing 4 hexbolts, with a given torque. I read a UR has its own torque and force measurment, but i dont get how it works.

So wich option do i need to follow:

  1. i buy an extra electrical or pneumatic screwdriver with a nut and mount it to the robot or,

  2. i only need to mount a nut to the robot arm and let the last joint rotate until torque measurement reaches the value i gave?

Hi Felix.

I only think that is the UR3 that has an infinite rotating end joint (and might even be wrong about that)…
The rest of the robots “only” has 2*360deg rotation in every joint. meaning that you would have to screw the screw two rotations at a time.
which dependent on the actual length of the bolt might be really slow.

and only the e-series (so Ur3e) has an actual force/torque sensor, so if you go with a CB-series you would need a separate force/torque sensor (I know robotiq makes one).

As i dont really have any experiance with any screwdriver add ons i cant really help you here.
But hopefully this gave you some idea about which direction to go.

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yeah thank you very much. Then i will go with an extra screwdriver. As already mentioned i need to monitor the torque. its easier to use an EC Screwdriver then a pneumatic screwdriver in this case i guess?

HI again Felix…
Im not really an expert here, but there is alot of different companies out there producing ready made screwdriver solution for the UR arm. Try to take a look at the UR+ product site under the assembly categori.[]=70299&sort=relevance