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Safe communication to tell safety PLC that a program is running or not


I am making an UR10e application that has safety related components.

For this application I have radar sensors connected to my UR cell, connected through a Siemens Safety PLC, which handles my safeguard stop on the UR.
To ensure users can operate the TP when the program is not running I want to ignore my radar sensor when the program is “OFF”. So not in pauses, unforeseen stops or anything. Only, and only, when no program is running. This is cases like startup, or the program comes to a “halt”.

But to ensure my program is certified to be “safe” the UR must inform me in some sort of way that the program is running.
I have seen the “Program running” status bit, but from what I know this is not a safe output as it is running over profinet. (and is unfortunately made so it goes low on pauses and collisions as well).

I do exchange of bits with the PLC and UR between profinet and some hardwired I/O(etc safeguard). So, my PLC has the option of every I/O communication form, and I don’t mind hardwiring the signal.

Does anyone know a safe way,(verified to be at least PLd), of communicating the program is running?
Everything I can think of is the safety part of the CO, but none of these has the functionality I want.

Furthermore I am actually interested in hearing how everybody else is muting their “invisible fence”?
If I do not mute this the safeguard will have priority over things like Free drive and operations on the TP, making the UR nearly unusable when someone is close to it.

best regards Anders.

Hi Anders,

The only safety-rated outputs are the ones available in the Safety IO settings (you can read more about them in the user manual if you haven’t already). If a combination of the robot moving/not moving outputs does not satisfy your requirements, perhaps you can create a Product Wishlist post here detailing the requirements and need for the functionality.

Thx for the reply, I will stop looking.
None of them has the functionality I am looking for unfortunately.

Have a nice weekend.

Ragards Anders