Run code hourly

I’m looking to have some code, write some variables to the log file hourly. A crude parts counter.

IE each hour on the hour, write the date/time/value of 4 variables and reset the variables. Preferably something similar to a cron job. Or, if it needs to run as a thread that’s fine also.

Does anyone have some sample code the can share?

Very do-able, unfortunately I can’t share any code. Might want to output it somewhere else though if you plan to make this a permanent solution (like a csv file or something, just a suggestion).

With a little bit of URscript and a thread you should be able to achieve this.

There is also a urcap developed by the genius @jbm here Get Controller Time URcap this will give you better time stamps from the controller.

Like any PC the clock will drift over time, probably make it a weekly habit go into the UR system settings and update the clock

Someone else in the community may be able to provide better guidance or a programmed solution, anyways hope this helps get you started and best of luck!