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RTDE, Primary/Secondary programs different in e-Series?

Hi everybody,

Glad to hear about the new e-Series.
I’m currently working with the “old” UR10 and the 3.5 software using primary and secondary programs and plotting data with the RTDE feature, while the program is running.
Will these features still work the same way in the e-Series as they do in the old one, especially looking at executing self-scripted secondary programs, RTDE, the used ports etc.? Or are there any new similar (maybe pre-installed?) features that contain real-time data exchange or the embedding of secondary programs?

Thank you in andvance and best greetings


Hi @marvin.fink,

There may be some minor changes in the RTDE registers between e-Series and CB3 but the interface itself is the same. Secondary programs will work in the same way also. These can both be tested in URSim so downloading the latest v5 e-Series release may be a good place to start for that.

One thing to note is that in order to achieve full ISO 10218-1 certification we have implemented mutually exclusive local/remote control modes, meaning that for safety reasons the robot can not be controlled via the teach pendant and external interfaces at the same time, the user needs to switch between them on the Teach Pendant.

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