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RTDE Outputs only two clients?


Using Ursim last virtual machine.

RTDE outputs subscription is accepted by and working with two clients, the others receives an OK feed back, but the connection is closed bye the UR after maybe 1 seconde.

When Ethernet/IP is activated, then only one client can work.

So it seems that only two clients can run RTDE protocol ? Not described anywhere.

Can be increase with a parameter somewhere ?


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Only 3 clients can use RTDE simultaneously.
Activating Profinet or Ethernet/IP will act as one client.

Is it documented somewhere ? It is good to know.

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@jbm what is thought behind limiting the number of clients that can connect? We are already limited to only 1 client that can write to RTDE, why can’t more clients connect and listen to events? Won’t that impact the number of URCaps potentially that can be used on a robot? On a lot of our installations we already have 2 clients running, Profinet and our cloud monitoring device. This would only allow us to have 1 URCap that uses RTDE and is there a way to know before you install the URCap what services it is running and using?

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