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RTDE input parameters already in use - reseting RTDE?

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I’ve been trying to implement an RTDE interface between a CB3 controller with little success. The problem I’m running into is the exact same as the one mentioned in the attached forum post (above): ValueError: An input parameter is already in use.

I had the RTDE example code provided by UR working once before, however even that code gives the same error now.

I suspect that I somehow closed the example code incorrectly the very last time I had it working, leaving the variables it used locked down by the controller.

Does anyone know a good way to reset the RTDE interface that clears this issue?

SOLVED: The problem was that the EtherNet/IP Adapter was enabled in the instalation file. All I needed to do was disable the EtherNet/IP adapter and RTDE now works as it should