RTDE Connection issue

Hi Team,

I am trying to program our UR5e using python. I found RTDE as an option to connect to robot through IP.

Use case: Control robot to tap on a POS device and work on application functionality on the same android device.
Challenges : 1.Not yet found clear instructions on RTDE GUIDe to program.
2. Referring the below tutorial i downloaded rtde-2.3.6 and running rtde_control_loop.urp on the robot and started running example_control_loop.py on my computer. But no connection result is null and is not successful.
I tried debugging and changed below options but no luck.

It would be great if the RTDE guide explains initial setup steps. Or could you provide initail setup steps to interact with Robot through RTDE.

Would like to know more about this.

Hi Attila,

I was using 2.7.x and version of Pthon. I upgraded Pytjom to 3.10.x and the program seem working.
I am able to connect to the ip and port and able to get the current TCp.

I am executing example_control_loop.py and sending new set point details followed by sending a watchdog.
From rtde_contoll_loop, i modified setp to a fixed point since the Tool_const resulting in an exception.
My current challenge is i am sending new point details through RTDE and from the robot side rtde_controller _loop is not picking and moving and jumping betweek like 6 and line 10 in the attached ur script screenshot.
It would be helpful if we a good documentation about RTDE.
And could you explain rtde_controller loop functional and watch dog to .

From the below manual /page 92 /note , the upper range is for external RTDE clients.
My challenge was , I was using the same example provided in RTDE page with input registers from 0to 6 and data was not sent to the robot. After changing the output registers to 24 to 29 , the example program provided started working.
It would be good if the range details are added to the RTDE guide.

Note: The lower range of the float input registers [0:23] is reserved for FieldBus/PLC interface
usage. The upper range [24:47] cannot be accessed by FieldBus/PLC interfaces, since it is
reserved for external RTDE clients.


thanks for your comments.