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RS-232 to Ethernet or RS-232 to USB Serial communication


I think UR CBseries robots can read serials using an RS-232 converter. Is this possible?
Also, should I use the script function of the UR robot to use this signal?


Hi @ash020212,

Yes you can plug a USB to serial convertor into one of the USB slots on the motherboard inside the robot controller. The data wouldn’t be directly accessible by URscript. You’d need to write a script (python would be easiest) to interface with the port in the Linux system, then pass it the data into the robot program using RTDE, XMLRPC etc.

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thank you for the reply.

Another question is, can I use an RS-232 to Ethernet converter to read the serial signal with the UR script function without using another device?

Also, is there any other way to read the serial signal from the UR robot?


I’ve never tried an RS232 to Ethernet converter, but it looks like it could be feasible.

There isn’t any way to directly access RS232 data in URScript.

There is a video on You tube describing exactly what your looking for using and Moxa Nport. You execute script commands to the socket connection. https://youtu.be/3CoxCp1_kFs I have no affiliation with axis new england but in my case I found this helpful. No need for URcap I hope this helps