Rotating one of the fixed robot joints

I just got my UR16 robot to tend our lathe. I’m wondering if the fixed joints of the arms can be permanently rotated 180 degrees? It would help me with the placement of the robot so it’s not right in front of the door if I could rotate 2 of the arms 180. I would rotate joints 4 and 7. And by joints I mean where the black bands are, counting from the base, base being 1.

Was going to ask my distributor but I was on here doing some reading and figured I’d ask.



Unfortunately, this will not be possible.

Do you have an e-series robot? If so, can you create a home position for your robot that is out of the way of your machine door?

Hi Miwa,
Thank you for the reply. I didn’t think it would be possible but wanted to make sure before mounting the robot in it’s permanent place. I do have an E series so I would agree, I’ll just make a home position when not using so it’s knuckle is out of the way. Then it’ll just be the post but that will be manageable.

Thanks again!!