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Rotate Robot Base Mounting


I just bought a new work surface for my UR3, and would like to rotate it 90 degrees around the base from the main workspace (and would also like all of my programs and waypoints to rotate 90 degrees as well)

Is it possible to use the “Rotate Robot Base Mounting” controls for this? Whenever I click one of the mounting arrows “45 =>” the robot powers off, and I’m not sure how to save or include that change in my installation.

Thank you!

Do you want to rotate the working table but still want to keep the robot’s working direction unchanged?

Hello – I wanted to rotate the robot base 90 degrees without rotating all of my programs, waypoints, etc. The purpose was to allow the wire from the robot to go a different direction, however, I have solved this a different way, so I no longer need to rotate it. Thank you!