ROS2 External Control Connection refused


I’m currently trying to connect my UR5e with my PC to control it via ROS2. I installed the URCap for external control but when I try to run it I only get a popup which says “The Connection to the remote PC at could not be established. Reason: Connection refused (Connection refused)”.

I tried different IP-addresses for the PC and the Robot an forwarded the Ports to my Docker Container. I can ping the Robot and even connect my pc via ssh to it. The firewall status is disabled.

Please let me know, what might be the error?

Thank you in advance!

If you run the driver in a docker container with a standard NAT interface, you’ll need to do two things:

  • Setup port forwarding of ports 50001-50004 from your docker host to the driver’s container
  • Setup the docker host’s IP address on the robot’s teach pendant

what os does your docker host have? Does the docker host run any firewall?