"RobotState messages are queued up" error

I’m developing an URcap which makes calls to an XmlRpc server I implemented on an external device.
In my installation node I have an xmlrpc client which connects to the server, given the correct IP address and port number.
It can happen that I try to use my URcap when the external xmlrpc server is not running yet, so I want to con continuously check if it is connected.

In order to do so, in the the openView() of my installation node contribution I start a Timer which calls the function “isConnected()” of the server every 2 seconds:
I call the function inside a try catch so if I don’t receive the server response in 1 second (I set this value in the xmlrpc client initialization) I know that the server is down.

The problem is that if I try this URcap when the server is down I can see from the polyscope terminal that at each call of the timer an error occurs: RobotState messages are queued up: 8 {thread: RobotState - PostMan , loggerClass: com.ur.monitor.RobotState$PostMan}

Then, if I start the server on the external pc, everything works well and the error disappears:

This error does not affects too much the execution of the URcap but it can sometimes slow down polyscope UI especially when I leave the installation node opened for a long time with the server down.

I found a few other posts in this forum talking about this error but they were about the ur simulator running on a VM with not enough memory assigned to it, so it is not really the same problem here.
Does anyone know what this error is about or have some suggestions?

Thank you in advance for your help