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Error when running URSim 5.10, RobotState messages are queued up

When running the start-ursim.sh script, the robot starts up as expected then, once running, frequently prints an error that RobotState messages are queued up:

ERROR - RobotState messages are queued up: 4 {thread: RobotState - PostMan , loggerClass: com.ur.monitor.RobotState$PostMan}

If ROS is connected to the robot, the connection is dropped every time this occurs. This occurs independent of ROS and thus is not a ROS issue.

It is not a RAM issue as the VM is only using 36% of its allocated RAM

I am running URSim 5.10 in a minimal installation of Ubuntu 18.04 VM where I installed the linux version of the offline simulator Universal Robots - Offline Simulator - e-Series - UR Sim for Linux 5.10.0. The setup followed the instructions except to fix several bugs in the install script + process. I have documented some fixes in a fork of a 16.04 installation guide repo, and will continue to update as time permits