Robots moves while a press is bending sheet


i have a question about the movement of the roboter. Till now the robot gets the sheet to the press and when its in position, the press clamps it. When it clamps the robot moves away and retrieves the sheet in the bent state.

Is there a way that the robot can go a long while the press is bending the sheet? if yes how can i use it?

Are you talking about just “waiting” or delaying it’s movement? Both are done simple with a “Wait” command. Here, you can insert a specific time that the robot will “idle” and not move. :slight_smile:
Another option is to install a sensor or a signal from the press machine which activates, when the press is finished.

Thats not the problem. The robots gives the press a signal, when the sheet is in position. The whole bending sequence works when the gripper releases the sheet metal while the press is bending the sheet.
But i would like to know if it’s possible to let the gripper on the sheet while the press is bending the sheet. So that the robot follows the sheet movement.

That makes more sense. :slight_smile:

It might be possible if you have an e-series robot (SN 20XX5XXXXXX), which has a built-in force/torque sensor. The plate shouldn’t move too fast, and it should be quite sturdy.
A method could be to put the robot in force mode (with the template command Force). Then put 0N/0Nm in all axis’ and the robot will be able to be moved around.
Another method is with the freedrive script function. Read more about it here:

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We have an e-series robot. In that case I will try the two solution.
Thanks for your help.

You can test it fairly easy by making the robot put the sheet in the bending machine and then stopping the robot that moment. Then hold the freedrive button on the back of the teach pendant, while the bending machine bends.
If the robot moves along with the sheet, it should be doable. :slight_smile: