Robot shipping configuration


The robot when delivered comes packaged and set in the box in a certain configuration - to fit in the styrofoam. I would like to repackage it and send it out. Does anyone know what is the correct joint configuration to pack the robot back in?

I couldn’t find the info anywhere and I think this could be useful for others as well.

Thank you!

Hi ziga,

You can find the program that was used to put your robot in the specific transportation pose on our Support Site by searching for Put Into Box .urp program: UR Download | Support Site | Universal Robots

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I didn’t know that. Perfect, thank you!

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Is there a specific Installation file that pairs with this .urp file? Or is it just the robot default.installation?

If you’ve altered the default TCP offset you might have to change it back to [0,0,0] or the program will adjust that waypoint in the boxing program. Hope that makes sense.