Robot Docker Sim is too lazy to move

I have several PC. All are running the same OS, Docker Image.

I have an App that uses Port 30003 (Send Data) 30013 (Recieve Data) 29999 Dashboard.

Sending commands on Dashboard work like a charm but Port 30003 has problems.
I can send things like stopl(20)\n to it and with noVNC I can see it recieve that command in the logs.
But when sending positioning commands like moveJ, they never show up in the logs and it does nothing.

This is how it acts on most pc’s but on one I don’t have the issue. I see that everything is the same on the the one working and the other one.

Here is a docker image that I had the privilege of downloading and executed it as docker run --rm -it -d -p 5901:5901 -p 6080:6080 -p 29999:29999 -p 30003:30003 -p 30013:30013 --privileged kristoferb/ursim:latest

Here are the logs of the working Docker Working Docker Logs -
here are the logs of the one who doesn’t like to move Docker NotWorking Logs -