Robot receiving movel command but not moving

I’m controlling the robot with PC via tcp\ip connection to the secondary monitor, for machine tending application.
It all worked well and I left it for night run, but when I came back next morning the robot was not moving, I sew that my PC sent the movel command and I sew in the log that the movel command did arrive, but never stopped.
I’m not sure what the problem is because I re-sent exactly the same command next morning and it worked, with no restart or anything. I thought maybe the problem was that it received 2 move command very close to each other (99 miliseconds) , but I checked it today and the robot always moved to the last position received (and during the night it did many movements like that).
I’m attaching an image of the last log messages, as I found them in the morning…
what can the problem be?

I’m using UR5 cb3 3.5.13