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About commands you can send to ur5

Hi, i’m new to ur5 world and i’m looking for tutorials for communicating throughserial port and python.

I’m writing a python script for comunicating with the ur5 arm and i also want to know where can i find which commands i can send to the robot.

i.e. command movej - (“movej(p[”+("%f,%f,%f,%f,%f,%f"%(xR,yR,zR,RxR,RyR,RzR)) +"], a=0.5, v=0.7, r=0)" +"\n").encode(“utf8”)

Is there an explanation page about every command i can use and how i integrate it through python and serial port?

Thank You.

Hi, you can download the URScript manual from here:

It lists URScript commands that can be sent to the robot via client interface TCP/IP sockets (from python if desired).

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