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Robot counter mass for mobile application


I’m using a UR10, CB3. We’ve got an application working and the client now wants to have the solution mobile. The customer wants to know how heavy the cart should be, in order for the robot to be stable. The payload is 8kg and the max acceleration we use is 1.5m/s^2, typical speeds are350mm/min (so very slow), but highest speed is 250mm/s occasionally.

I’m an electrical engineer, so I have no idea on how to compute / estimate the counter mass required… Some mechanical engineers out there that can help?



I Googled a bit and found:

Seems to be spot on. Hope this helps other people, too




Here is the quote from UR’s user manual about the mounting for your reference. “Mount the robot on a sturdy surface strong enough to withstand at least ten times the full torque of the base joint and at least five times the weight of the robot arm. Furthermore the surface shall be vibration free.”


Thank you for your response. We did find that portion in the manual, but needed more details. That’s why we put in the request / asked the question. The shown website in my previous answer has the info we were looking for.