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Retrieve Joint Positions in RobotPositionCallback

Hello, I am looking to retrieve the actual joint positions of a waypoint in the “RobotPositionCallback” but the joint positions I receive from “PositionParameters.getJointPositions” are different from what a normal waypoint node would provide or at least shown in URSim.
EX: Pose in the same exact spot.
Waypoint shows: [-1.6006999999999998, -1.7271, -2.2029999999999994, -0.8079999999999998, 1.5951, -0.030999999999999694]
Callback gives: [4.682485, 4.556085, 4.080185, 5.475185, 1.5951, 6.252185]
I believe this is because it takes into account the TCP but is there another way to retrieve the correct Joint Positions when the user clicks ok? or is there something I am missing to get the correct values?
I am using API version 1.10.0