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Request: avoid popup of an error falsely pointing towards a URCap provider


In some internal tests we have seen an error message with a reference to our URCap. The error was unrelated to the URCap itself: in short, an if with continuous check of a variable inside another if with continuous check creates a thread error when the program is played, then paused, then replayed. We have been able to avoid the error by rearranging the logic.

The error message, however, is suggesting that the problem may come from our URCap as you can see in the following image.

I suspect that it uses the “source” tag in the generated script to add the mention of the URCap provider in the error message. However, I have two questions:

  • Why in this example is it displaying the URCap provider in the error message even if the red line of the script is outside the script generated by the URCap?
  • Even if the error was generated inside the children nodes of the URCap, would it be possible to avoid displaying the URCap provider if the error source is a standard Polyscope node (or standard URScript function)? This is more a feature request than a question.

The issue with the text in the message box is that the end-user will call our technical support even if the problem is not related to our URCap.



The error shown comes, when two threads at the same time are executing motion generating commands.
I cannot see the contents of the program tree on the picture, but I have unsuccessfullytried to recreate the issue.

I am not able to reproduce this error phenomena in PolyScope 3.4.1 using the HelloWorld program node, while embedding a secondary waypoint in a thread.

Can you please elaborate a bit more on the issue?
Maybe a minimal program that can re-create this issue with a simple HelloWorld like URCap that can contain children.


I am not the one who got the error, but in the end I think it was related to having a loop inside of a loop. The conclusion is that it was a programming error (so, not a UR bug).

The point, however, was that an error triggered by a movej popped a message box referring to the URCap provider even if the error is not related to the URCap beside being a children of the URCap node. I think it should point towards the node which triggered the error, not the parent node.