Remote lock password

Hello UR community.

Is there a way to lock polyscope into remote control with a password?

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If you go to Settings > Password > Mode you can set up an Operational Mode Password on the UR robot to restrict someone from switching the robot into Manual Mode. The robot can be switched to Automatic Mode but the user is restricted to Run, Initialize, Move, I/O and Log tabs. This will restrict someone from messing with the program and installation files, but does not stop from LOADING or RUNNING a program.

If however the issue isn’t someone messing with the pendant, the robot will remain in whatever MODE you power the controller off in (for instance, robot was in “Remote Mode” when powered off), when powered ON it will remain in that mode.

Other than that you can also set a safety password or you can disable the teach pendant entirely and have the controller remotely controlled.

Hope that helps, and best of luck!

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