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Relative Movement out of Java

Hey guys,

I want to build a building block for screwing as a UR Cap, but therefore I want to use MovementNodes and WaypointNodes. But in the WaypointConfigFactory is no possibility to add a relative movement in TCP coordinate system.
I don’t want to script it in UR script and don’t want to configure the WaypointNode manually in Polyscope.

Is there a way to program relative movements in the Java API?

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Perhaps what you want to do, is better done using a custom non user-insertable program node, that build the required script.
At least workt some consideration. Suggest taking a look at this section in the Program Node Configuration document in the SDK:

Beyond that, you are correct in the observation, that relative waypoints are not supported currently in the API (1.5).

Thanks for the answer. But I don’t understand why you could programmatically insert MoveNodes and Variable- and Fixed Waypoint Nodes but no Relative Waypoints. My idea was in the way like the ellipse example is. The user selects a pose and other poses where calculated, but I have to have an Offset in tcp direction.

Maybe someone knows a Workaround…

best regards and thanks in advance.

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