Relationship between force and deceleration

Hello. Our CB3 UR5s are part of an automation training cell at Boston University. We have a couple of labs that integrate simple force expressions, in this case an ink stamping operation that calls for regulating how hard the stamp is depressed onto an inkpad and paper. We are using the following structure with speed and acceleration at 50mm/sec:

Direction: Base Z-
Until expression force()>50
Waypoint_1 (above stamp location)

I’ve only recently discovered that the force expression deceleration value plays a huge role, with lower values leading to unpredictable results (i.e. force is detected almost immediately, not at all, or somewhere in between) where high values lead to a more predictable pattern, if not always successful.

I understand force applications and how we program them can vary widely, and for our introductory purposes I’d like a better understanding on the role deceleration plays here, if someone can enlighten? Furthermore, this solution seems to have a lower limit of around 30N of applied force and I wonder how to achieve even lower with consistency. Thanks!