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Force mode to Protective Stop

Hi all,

I am working on an application in which the robot has to press the plastic band that is mounted on the car door … the robot presses at a fixed point while the car is advancing. I have to deal with a situation that may arise: the robot to leave the pressing area and reach the space between the wheel and the body, so I set the condition that as if the robot advances in the direction of pressing (z axis) more than a certain value, to withdraw immediately but with this condition a new situation appeared, namely PROTECTIVE STOPS almost every time the robot has to withdraw. That’s why I tried several possible solutions: I tried to use force mode in force mode, the first with the value 0 and the second with the required value, but I was not successful (protective stops) I tried to put a condition in which if the force becomes 0 on z to retire but I was not successful.
Can you suggest me a possible solution to succeed in getting out of force without instantly entering Protective Stop ???

Sounds like you may have the acceleration and/or speed set too high when it withdraws.

Are you coding this manually or using Direction nodes in Polyscope?